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Give Peace A Chance
Souls should be rejoicing in Dr Muhammad Yunus winning the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. It serves as timely reminder that alleviating poverty and peace are inextricably woven into the fabric of God's vision for a just world.
Fighting Terrorism: 500 deaths per day
There is something bizarre about having gone to war to stop terrorism because 3,000 people died in the 9-11 World Trade Centre. Yet the US has managed to kill that many of its own people since 18 March 2003. Plus is involved a daily per capita equivalent of nearly double that figure in Iraq. It begs the question of who are the real terrorists?
Things Fall Apart: When Pride Comes Before Justice
The world looks for peace from its leaders and an end to the suffering of its children. One wonders if many leaders are even capable of working towards the greater good. Many have become obsessed with victory at all costs and seem incapable of envisaging or tolerating a reality that is not completely submissive to their paradigms.
Seeing Problem Solving Through the Environment in A New Light
Even plain rocks can take on a rainbow hue with the addition of water, light and a different perspective. In Genesis 11:4-9, God chose to confuse the peoples lest they build an edifice in their own name that did not include God as the keystone. We should not be surprised that finding problems for the common good means we have to listen to the needs and heed the wisdom from multiple stakeholders with varying, sometimes conflicting needs.
Living In An Imperfect World: Why Diversity Makes Creation Palatable
Many religions espouse the merits of the "ideal" family focussed around the healthy husband and wife surrounded by content children in good relationship with their extended family and community. In reality, very few souls ever achieve this nirvana, and even when they do, it is soon disrupted by the exigencies of living in a mortal world where death, illness and change are inevitable. Wise souls recognise there is a constant juggling act between aspiring for the ideal whilst coping with the inadequacies of a reality where we all fall short of God's full glory. The challenge is therefore to build just systems that reward reverence but are not excessively punitive on those who are unable to reach "the ideal".
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