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This website has been creatd as a space to encourage souls to imagine a godly future embracing respect, love, faith, truth, justice, compassion, sustainability, and diversity.

The core premise is that the biblical God of the Book of Truth does exist, and that God is as capable of entering and keeping covenants today as He was in the times of Abraham, Moses and Jacob. It presumes that G-d is aware of the perilous state of this world and that G-d would not allow this world to be nihilistically destroyed by the self-indulgent and selfish. It presumes that God has a reconciliation plan to bring all the peoples of all the nations back into proper relationship with Him through Jesus' unique atoning sacrifice. Based on an interactive dance for over year, this site also presumes that God has been roused and is working to restore His honor and offer justice and compassion to those that He loves. 

Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. They will be my people, and I will be their God. (Ezekiel 11:20)

This independent website was first started because of personal suppression but as God continued to confirm, that independence is now re-stated to encourage dialogue across faith and philosophical streams. God willing, by belonging to no one religious order, there might be opportunity to find common ground between all godly peoples.

We are currently starting up a Discussion Forum and you are welcome to participate. If you would like to know more or have access to editable versions of pdf files, then please email us at wombat@wombatwonderings.org.


A large burrowing marsupial called a "badger" by some early white Australian settlers. Wombats are regarded with great affection by many (e.g. writer Jackie French), partly because they are easily house trained and recognise their pet name when it is spoken. However, they are also extremely stubborn and have a reputation for barging through or under any obstacle rather than figuring a way around it. This persistance has been elevated to the level of an urban myth that the walls of homes have collapsed into a wombat's burrow, leaving the family with a breezy view of the neighbouring paddocks (after the dust has settled). For more mundane information on this underestimated creature see http://serf.org.wombats.html/


To wonder is to have feelings that are aroused by something strange or surprising; being in a state where you want to know more about something: see http://www.wordwebonline.com/en/WONDER

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